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Ultimate 3

Powerful and extremely versatile.

Ideal for crutching/dagging and cow tail clipping without a mains power requirement or troublesome and potentially dangerous extension cords.

  • Retractable cord, 160 Watt power, 1400 grams
  • Cutting speed of 2250dbs per min
  • Thumb operated momentary switch prolongs battery life and is ideal for flighty animals
  • Comes complete with 1 advanced lithium-ion battery, 1 lithium-ion battery charger, handpiece holster and belt, Ovina Comb, Xtreme Cutter and battery backpack or pouch

Ultimate 3 Handpiece - 712-150
Momentary Switch for 12V - NZ712-004 
Curly Cord (Ultimate) Versolex 3 core x 1.5mm x 0.5 15 amp curly cord - NZ712-005
Ultimate 3

12 Volt S12

A ‘must have’ for remote locations.

Connects with ease to car or motorbike battery, eliminating the need for an AC power supply.

  • Running time of 4-5 hours (regular size car battery)

  • Cutting speed of 2250dbs per min

  • Lightweight 1230 grams

  • 5m heavy duty power lead and clamps

  • Complete with carry case, screwdriver, oil, brush, Ovina comb and Xtreme cutter

12V S12


Clipper Head 33

Clipper Head

Attaches to both 12v clippers to convert to a horse and cattle clipper. Comes with 31F-23 blades.