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FurEx 3 Step System

FurEx is an advanced 3-point system from ProGroom, specifically formulated to assist in the removal of collected undercoat of double-coated breeds after the bath.

Used as directed, this system eliminates the need to pre-groom heavy undercoated dogs before the bath. Let our products do the job and use a forced air dryer to do the hard work.

Fur Ex Group



Cleanse is a deeply penetrating yet gentle shampoo designed to cleanse and neutralize the ionic charge within the coat and remove all dirt, odour, and excess sebum. This prepares the coat for loose hair removal and begins the de-shedding process.

Furex Range Step 1



Release contains Protein ingredients which fill in damaged or rough areas of hair cuticle making a smooth surface that permits easy release of loose coat. Advanced silicone ingredients provide slip and allow dead coat to slide out with little or no force.

Furex Range Step 2



Close is a mildly acidic silicone conditioning spray that further seals the hair cuticle and promotes maximum release of tangled and collected hair within the coat. Spray application allows the groomer to adjust the amount of product applied to different areas of the coat as needed.

Furex Range Step 3