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Evo 47 Evo 47

The World's #1 Selling Shearing Plant

  • Winner of multiple WorkSafe awards
  • Integrated safety cut out helps eliminate dangerous lock ups
  • Durable, high performance 300W motor
  • Soft start to increase handpiece life and reduce wear

The first professional shearing system in the world with an electronic safety switch designed to help eliminate handpiece lockup. Sturdy, fibreglass reinforced housing with quick clamp system to eliminate movement between motor and downtube.

Speeds at 230V: 3500/3200/2700rpm 
Weight: 7.8kg motor only / 14.4kg including downtube 

Tough Gut

Our all-new Tough Gut unleashes the full potential of your Evo Shearing Plant and delivers maximum power to your handpiece.

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Tough Gut 1

Downtubes & Accessories

Flexible Worm Drive

165cm: 722-666 200cm: 722-660

Flexible Pin Drive

165cm: 722-667 200cm: 722-661 



Quick Portable Stand


Quick Hang Plate


Wall Bracket


Cord Guidance


Downtube Adaptor + Quick Clamp Kit

Black Evo Stand No Handpiece

Evo Shearing Plant Transporters

Conveniently carry and protect your Evo during transport with our Shearing Plant Transporters, made from durable, heavy duty and weather resistant material to shield your most expensive shearing asset.

Evo Transporter

Evo Downtube Transporter

Easily carry and keep your downtube safe from damage during transport with our Downtube Transporters, made from the same tough, weather resistant material as our Evo Transporters. The thick, padded end offers complete protection for your downtube drive, and the strong velcro flap secures your downtube in place.

Downtube Transporter

Evo Shearing Plant Covers

  • Protect your Evo from dust and other contaminants with one of our durable Shearing Plant Covers.
  • Made for the Evo, suitable for most shearing plants.
Shearing Plant Covers 3 16