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Heiniger’s patented LG2 technology reduces grease build-up on the back of the comb, provides superior entry and flow and allows the comb to sit better on the pelt of the sheep.

Combs with Heiniger’s unique Bevel Angle Technology have a larger radius on the scallop, allowing for improved entry straight from the box.


Winter combs should ONLY be paired with suitable cutters.

We recommend to only use either EDGE or XTREME cutters with winter comb profiles and we warn against the use of JET or DIAMOND cutters on winter combs. If you are unsure, we recommend you contact representatives of shearing equipment manufacturers before using winter comb profiles. For additional safety, we recommend using an Evo Shearing Plant for all shearing tasks.


94.5mm wide; long bevel

For shearing tighter wooled sheep types.

Heiniger Crucader


97mm wide; medium bevel

For open wooled and tougher cross-bred sheep. Leaves a residual cover of wool for protection from the elements.

Heiniger Highlander


97.5mm wide; short bevel

For optimum entry and flow with its superior width of blow.

Heiniger Isobar


94.5mm wide; short bevel

For shearing all sheep types.

Heiniger Blizzard