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Versatile All-Rounder

  • Gentle and cost effective soap-free pet shampoo
  • Formulated for general purpose use
  • It is the professional’s first choice for an everyday salon shampoo
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Suits all coat types
Everyday 500Ml


Deep Cleansing

  • Ideal for first shampoo
  • Gently clarifies without stripping coats natural oils
  • Safe for cats
  • Removes product build-up
  • Suitable for all coat types
  • 🐈 Formulated to be safe for cats too!
Clarifying 500Ml


Eliminates and Neutralises Odours

  • Deodorises and removes bad odours
  • Leaves coats fresh for days
  • Suitable for all coats
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Will not alter coat texture
  • Matching cologne
Deodorising 500Ml


Promotes Coat Manageability

  • Complex conditioning formula
  • Leaves coats silky and shiny
  • Assists in making brushing easier
  • Ideal for coats that matt easily
  • Perfect for Oodle coats or mixed breed coats
Tangle Less 500Ml

2-in-1 Conditioning

Adds Body and Shine

  • Leaves coats soft and manageable
  • Good for all coat types, when light conditioning is desirable
  • Saves time without the extra conditioning step
  • Ideal for healthy coat maintenance
  • Has matching fragrance
2 In 1 Conditioning 500Ml


Gentle Formula

  • Safe for puppies & kittens
  • Leaves coat soft and cuddly
  • Tear-less formula
  • Mild formula with extra conditioners for delicate coats
  • Soft and cuddly fragrance
Puppy 500Ml


Illuminates Whites

  • Use to add vibrancy to white and light colours
  • Reflect and highlights
  • Neutralises yellow discolouration
  • Does not build-up
  • Ideal for porous coats
Whitening 500Ml


Deepens Dark Colours

  • Use to darken black or dark coloured coats
  • Optimises lustre
  • Neutralises redness caused by sun bleaching
  • Can be used on black/tan or brindle coats.
Black 500Ml


Reflects All Colours

  • Use to reflect and illuminate all colours
  • Makes colours pop with its unique glistening effect
  • Optimises and adds lustre to dull or damaged coats
  • Ideal for all combined colour coats
Brightening 500Ml

Dermal Care

Rejuvenates Skin

  • Use on sensitive pets that itch a lot
  • Gently cleanses without stripping natural oils
  • Contains Natural Glycerine and Aloe Vera to moisturise
  • Jojoba that keeps skin comfortable and calm
  • Allantoin a natural-occurring humectant and anti-irritant
  • Formulated to care with kind naturally hydrating ingredients to maintain skin health
  • 🐈 Formulated to be safe for cats too!
Dermal Care 500Ml

Coat Care

Restores and Maintains Coats

  • Natural plant extracts and collagen to protect and restore vitality to all coats
  • Pro Vitamin B5 to replenish and strengthen
  • Rice protein restores integrity and builds volume
  • Sweet almond oil to smooth and moisturise
  • Allantoin a natural-occurring humectant and anti-irritant
  • 🐈 Formulated to be safe for cats too!
Coat Care 500Ml

Xtra Clean

Extremely Greasy or Dirty

  • Deep cleansing and degreasing action removes grease and excess oil from coat
  • Naturally derived odor absorbing agent
  • 🐈 Formulated to be safe for cats too, to obtain a light and fluffy coat!
Xtra Shampoo

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Dilution 12