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Our Mission & Vision

Heiniger is the World’s leading precision engineering company specialising in the production of tools to remove hair and fibre from animals.

We focus our attention on making the working-life of our customers in the animal fibre harvesting & animal welfare easier.

With quality, drive, agility and loyalty.

Our Roots

Our parent company is currently led by the third generation of the Heiniger family. Renowned for the manufacture of Swiss made animal shearing and clipping equipment, the company’s headquarters have remained in the same location close to the nation’s capital, Berne for more than 70 years.

Our Australasian Story

Heiniger’s Australasian headquarters have been located in Perth, Western Australia for almost three decades. Under the stewardship of Gary Lyons since inception the local Heiniger business has grown from a supplier of a limited range of shearing and clipping equipment to market leader and a “one stop shop” for woolharvesting requisites and animal fibre harvesting products together with an expanding range of agricultural products and inputs.

Our Quality

For professional shearers, only the highest quality is acceptable and we're proud that the Heiniger name is synonymous with the quality, reliability and precision they need. The proximity to our customers in markets such as Australia and New Zealand in particular – combined with the engineering technology and precision manufacturing of Swiss technology – has arguably seen the Heiniger name become proud world leaders in the manufacturing and supply of professional sheep shearing and clipping equipment.

Our People

Heiniger is very much a family business – our long serving and loyal employees are part of the broader Heiniger family. Over decades and across continents, our employees have collected animal shearing and clipping-knowledge and passed it down to our younger “family members”. The loyalty and dedication of our staff, combined with the specialised technical knowledge of animal shearing and clipping, are the key success factors underpinning the Heiniger brand.

Our staff are proud to brand our products “Heiniger” and “Made in Switzerland” - they understand that our customers rely on the quality and performance of our products each and every day.