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Shearing Tpw Woolpress Hoist Lg Shearing Tpw Woolpress Hoist Lg

The World’s #1 Selling Woolpress

Fast, Safe, Reliable

Capable of pressing 90 bales of wool a day, the TPW Xpress Woolpress handles a 10 stand shed with ease.

Unique automatic side pinning results in compact, square contamination free bales. The powerful yet quiet hydraulics ensure more wool is pressed into fewer bales. Fits under standard height doorway when transport platform and transport supports are removed.

  • Renowned reliability, the preferred woolpress of shearing contractors.
  • Fast - with a cycle time of 12 to 16 seconds in high yielding wool to 200kg.
  • Swift pack locking system, the fastest pack locking system design today.
  • Automatic side pinning ensures contamination free short square bales are obtained every time.
  • Low overall height for uninhibited movement around the shed.
  • Low transport height, fits under standard height doorframe when transport platform and transport supports are removed.
  • Extra low box height, better filling height.
  • Single hydraulic cylinder, greater pressing power and increased seal life.
  • Safety screen guard complete with automatic return and operational instruction sticker.
  • Jockey wheel steering handle for smooth and easy movement around the shed.
  • Complete with the latest digital scales - advanced reliable electronic weighing system.


3HP 240V Single phase soft start - 602-098 
5.5HP 415V 3 phase - 602-096

Iconix Livestock Weighing System

A reputation of accuracy, durability and ease of use.

Iconix indicators and load bars are all interchangeable so you can mix and match a weighing system to suit your needs today and in the future.

FX1 Indicator - 601-000 
FX15 Indicator - 601-001 
FX21 Indicator - 601-003 
Loadbars 600mm (pair) - 601-011 
Loadbars 1000mm (pair) - 601-012 
Loadbars 1000mm H/D (pair) - 601-013
Iconix Weighing Iconix Weighing


Woolbale Trolley

Woolbale Trolley


Woolpress Trolley

Woolpress Trolley


Scale Update Kit

Scale Update Kit